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Colin says: At low tide there are several points at which the channel can be brossed on foot. This one is of the North Scale crossing and the unusual concrete "path" which can be seen emerging from the ground at both sides is actually a box-like structure which houses the Island's telephone lines.
DL says: Incorrect, I'm afraid. The diamond shaped markers on each side show where the telephone cable is buried under the channel nearby, but not under the concrete. The two concrete structures are what they appear to be - jetties. They are constructed in a simalr way to the footbridge- concrete channels with drop in "bridge sections". There is the old footbridge that allows for walking between North Scale and the mainland at low water, but the jetties were used for a rowing boat ferry at high water, operated for many years by the Strong family, well known Furness boatmen. The large lump of concrete in the foreground is part of the main trunk sewer connecting Walney's waste to the Barrow treatment plant at Salthouse, and was built about 5 years ago.
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