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About Technical Requirements:

The Web Site relies heavily on the use of various types of technology in order to deliver as wide a range of features as possible.

Java and Javascript are used in order to bring you interactive elements such as maps, image galleries, 360° panoramic tours, and e-greetings cards; if you have diasabled javascript in your browser, then please enable it for the purpose of this visit, or you could easily miss the whole point of this web site.

Cookies are used to identify individuals who take out Forum and/or Friends of Walney accounts. These cookies do not contain any personal information or passwords and are used simply to remind your computer that you are currently logged in (or out, as the case may be).

Broadband is highly desirable if you wish to see operating at it's very best; particularly when viewing panoramic tours or Gallery slide shows or listening to Radio Free Walney, all of which require the transfer of relatively large amounts of data.

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