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Colin says: The village of North Scale is one of the two original settlements on Walney. Pottery and arrowheads found in the area confirm that North Scale's roots date back at least to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. the village of North Scale (and also the settlements at North End and South End) are first listed in an inventory of 1247.

The name 'Scale' is derived from the Scandinavian word skali - meaning temporary settlement. the word "North" in the hamlet's name implies that there were probably other "Scali" settlements nearby at the time the settlement was created. Biggar Village does date back to a similar period but no other village with Scale in it's name has existed on the island since records began.

Before Jubilee Bridge opened in 1908, North Scale was accessible only via boat or ford. At low tide, fords linked the village with Ormsgill Road and Ironworks Road in Barrow and can still be used today.
Anwar says: There is a painting on show in the Abbot Hall Gallery in Kendal which, if memory serves,depicts a Captain Scott at South Scale Walney Island (could be by George Romney ) I've tried to find other references to South Scale without success but if there's a North Scale then.......
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