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Colin says: Walney Island Airfield is in the northern part of the island, and is currently owned by BAE Systems.

In September 2003, the airfield celebrated the 60th Jubilee of a station parade which had been held when the airfield was operated by the RAF during WWII. In those days, Walney Isle played an important role in defending the Barrow shipyards from aerial attacks, and the remains of the foundations for serveral buildings (including searchlight/gun emplacements) can still be seen scattered around the island.

More recent talk about the airfield had centered around it's potential as a commercial airport, but although SAS/RAF herculese transport planes are able to use the airfield for training, the runways would have to be extended to facilitate use by commercial jets, and the expense of this is curently seen as prohibitive. The majority of talk-offs and landing at the time of going to press are those of the BAE shuttles and the South Lakes Gliding Club which operates every weekend throughout the summer months.
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