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Radio Free Walney:

Sorry, but due to an abuse of priveledges by Natural England all interactive membership of this site has been permanently withdrawn.

Radio Free Walney at it's most basic level automatically creates two hourly audio playlists may be accessed by anyone at any time, while at it's most sophisticated, it can serve full length audio-visual documentaries and other programmes.

Podcaster Playlists: A 30 minute playlist of Creative Commons licenced music is available via a Podcaster Playlist link which appears on every page on the site. Anyone can listen to the Podcaster Playlist and a completely new selection is automatically generated every hour on the hour and from an ever-growing music library.

To view the current Podcaster Playlist - simply click any Podcaster Playlist link and a popup window will appear showing the current selection. If you would like to listen in - click the "Listen to Radio Free Walney" link and your system's default media player will then take over and play the tracks one at a time. Should the song title be hyper-linked you may like to click it to view the lyrics associated with that particular track... whilst if the artist's name is hyper-linked it will take you directly to the web page of the creator of the track in question from where you can download a higher quality version and often buy CDs. Once the music has started the RFW popup may be closed and re-opened at will.

Listen to todays RFW Golden Oldies PlayList Golden Oldies Playlist: A playlist of 20 Golden Oldies tracks taken from the A-Z of Great Pop is also available - the hourly playlist being generated at random from a library currently containing around 1,500 tracks representing nearly 60 years worth of popular music history. To listen to the Golden Oldies Playlist simply click the old-time radio icon show here (which also appears on every page on the main web site) and the current programm will be played in your default media player. A list of the current play list, (often containing lyrics links), can be accessed via the Golden Oldie Playlist link which also appears on every page of the site. By the time all 20 tracks have played a new selection will have been generated which can be accessed in the same way.

The Book of Love Part 1: (listen) Love Songs

In part 1 of The Book of Love we take a look at the initial yearning to have somebody to love, the uncertainty of whether that love will be returned, and the physical aspects of mutual attraction.

This programme is and has been made available for non-profit personal use only.

16th Aug 2007 2h 15m 28s 42 tracks 96kbits LoveStory

A Radio Free Walney Demo Programme (listen) Popular Music

Includes spoof advertisements and musical content from Andy Williams, Buddy Holly, Cliff Richard, & Zager & Evans, presented by EasyOnTheEars.

The music in this programme is and has been made available for non-profit personal use only.

28th May 2006 18m 42s 15 tracks 32 to 96kbits EasyOnTheEars

Sack The Singer (listen) Backing Tracks

A motley selection of backing tracks with the occasional instrumental thrown in for good measure.

This programme is and has been made available for non-profit personal use only.

28th Mar 2006 51m 44s 31 tracks 32 to 64kbits SackTheSinger

Meet The Ranger (listen) Rock And Roll

An interview with The Ranger himself - the world's premier leotard-free rock and roll super hero.

This programme is and has been made available for non-profit personal use only.
See to purchace the CD.

13th May 2006 59m 16s 22 tracks 32 to 96kbits EasyOnTheEars

A small selection of high-quality Radio Free Walney videos are also available via the Friends of Walney download area.

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