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Colin says: Ironic or what... the only kerb NOT dropped to facilitate it's use by mobility scooters on this stretch of footpath is the one outside the disability centre.
How mad is this... Even Walney's disability centre doesn't have a dropped kerb!

Do you really need a dropped kerb there Col?

That depends on what you mean by need... Does my scooter need it?.. no, not always, up to 3" or so it can usually manage quite well. So does the spinal damage you aready have dictate that un-dropped kerbs hurt and that you really don't need to take stupid chances on agravating your condition and making matters even worse?...

That about sums it up. I was in agony for two whole moths in the summer of '04 through driving off one undropped kerb. And with spines you don't always get a second chance, one false move with an already vulnerable spine and you can become paralysed for life.

Is it really fair that someone else judges what level of pain and chance of additional injury already-disabled people should deem acceptable on a rutine basis?
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