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Colin says: Speed bumps are a constant hazard to the disabled - especially those with spinal problems.
Is it really necessary to have 5 speed bumps in the space of 25 yards? Speed bumps are evil. Speed bumps are dangerous. If you happen to be on an invalid carriage speed bumps can even get you run over!

The trouble with speed bumps is this... that unlike a kerb - which only hits you once, a speed bump will first propel you upwards with a potentially dangerous amount of force and then subject youto an identical about of force in the opposite direction as you drop down the other side.

Add to that the dangers of being run over by the guy in the lorry behind (because he doesn't expect you to have to suddenly reduce your speed by 2 thirds when you're only doing 8MPH to start with) and you have a recipe for total disaster. If the spinal impact doesn't get you the lorry driver almost certainly will.

What's the solution? Easy... either GET RID OF THEM COMPLETELY - or save yourself some money when laying them in the first place by leaving a strip 4 feet wide at the edge of the kerb so that invalid carriage drivers and cyclist don't have to run the risks associated with negotiating them whilst having to concentrate on the ever present threat of larger more rapidly moving vehicles. Many local authorities have already adopted the second approach, and in some areas councils have already announced plans to scrap speed bumps altogether having realised that the initial positive impact they made on peoples driving habits has not been sustained over a period od time.

Some speed bumps really do help with traffic calming.

But unfortunately, all of them have the potential to cause severe pain or even death.
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