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Colin says: Late at night take 2... low on battery power - and confronted with an insurmountable barrier which left the rider no option but to turn back yet again.

Access Denied by Ineffective Designs ...

This brand new design should never have got off the drawing board.

This particular barrier and others like it are absolutely infuriating. Not only do the deny me perfectly legitimate access - but they do NOT prevent access by the very groups of people they are designed to discourage. At the very least... whoever approved this particular design ought to be thoroughly ashamed of their total lack of knowledge concerning motor cycle skills if nothing else. Totally ineffective for it's intended purpose and the longest most pointless round-trip distance to date... THIS is the exact barrier that "broke the camels back" and prompted the launch of the Access Denied campaign.

If you have an off-road motor cycle and you reckon you could drive over/around this type of barrier for the purposes of photographing a demonstration please use the feedback for to get in touch.
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