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Colin says: The northern nature reserve's western shoreline. Unlike most shingle shores which are pounded by waves, plants on Walney Island are able to grow on the stable shingle above the high tide mark. Walney Island has some of the most diverse vegitated shingle communities in the UK, with rare plants such as Ray's knotgrass, Portland spurge the Isle of Man cabbage, and the Walney Geranium. The dunes themselves are formed from sand from the Duddon Estuary and Walney's western shore, and are interspersed with coastal lagoons which provide a suitable habitat for a diverse range of animal life.
Hougenai says: Not so! The shingle communities represented are quite limited in both type and extent. They are still relatively rare and important. They are also under threat as damage by 4x4's continues. Portland spurge is actually a plant more familiar in the grey dunes, it seems to prefer some stability. It's cousin sea spurge is much more at home on the shingle/yellow dune. Hougenai
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