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Colin says: Access Denied to BAE's Earnse Bay - North Scale Footpath by inadequately sized Kissing Gates

The problem with this design is it's very small size. There is nothing inherently "wrong" with kissing gates, though they do tend to be awkward even when on foot, but I have yet to see one who's dimensions are sufficient to allow the passage of even the smallest electrically powered scooter.

And when you realise that the maximum width of a Class 3 scooter is a whopping 81.5cm (33.4 inches - almost 3 feet) the types of scooter which are capable of even reaching such beaten-track destinations as this particular barrier have no chance whatsover of passing through. Yet again however - there is a padlocked full-sized gate adjacent to this barrier. Would it really be too much to ask that it be fitted with an NKS RADAR LOCK instead?

The most annoying this about this particular barrier however is the fact that by the time you reach it on your way to Earnse Bay (from North Scale) you have already driven at least a mile down-hill and have no idea that completion of your journey will be prevented. Having reached this barrier and failed to negotiate it you are then forced to drive at least the return mile (uphill - and with less than ideal traction) before you decide whether you have sufficient time and battery capacity to make the alternative 2 mile drive around.
colinc says: BEA are still committing unlawful discriminating with this type of gate and allowing their land managers to do the same in the North Walney reserve.
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