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Colin says: Pioneer Salt marsh in the making. Pioneer saltmarsh is developing at the lower reaches of the saltmarshes where the vegetation is frequently flooded by the tide. Wave exposure is particularly important in determining whether pioneer saltmarsh will colonise an area, as it is only able to do so in sheltered sites where it is protected from strong wave action. Pioneer saltmarsh is an important precursor to the development of more stable saltmarsh vegetation. Pioneer saltmarsh is dominated by glasswort Salicornia which forms a key stage in the transition from the extensive inter-tidal sand and mudflats to the distinctive saltmarsh of not only Walney's SSSI's but large areas of Morecambe Bay.
DL says: An area where this can be seen is between Snab Point and Sheep Island. What was 10 years ago just mud is now colonised by Spartina anglica and other sea plants and within 5 years will probably be just like Tummerhill Marsh.
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