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Colin says: Here they are... everyone's heroes. Thanks lads.
DL says: Hope you got rid of that lawnmower! It was a bit cold that day wasn't it?
Colin says: Ha ha ha. It certainly was. In fact I'm pretty sure I was beginning to halucinate by the time the coastguard arrived. The garden tractor has since been replaces with a small quad bike, (which has the distinct advantage of being light enough to dig out myself should the need ever arise) and a sailing dinghy - with which I hope to be able to photograph the coastline/marshes/seals etc. I haven't been well enough to get out in the boat this year, but we live in hope, as the saying goes.
DL says: Always happy to oblige, but I was a bit concerned when we first got the call that day. At least we towed it back faster than you got there.....
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