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Colin says: North Walney Nature Reserve is situated at the extreme northern end of Walney Isle and is nationally recognised for its superb dune, saltmarsh and shingle habitats. The reserve is home to the endangered Natterjack toad, (who's distinctive mating call can be heard over more then a mile in spring time), and the Walney geranium, a plant which grows nowhere else in the world but on Walney Isle. Over 130 species of birds have also been recorded in the reserve, including kestrels, short-eared owls and golden orioles, which are very rare. Over 300 species of flowers grow in the reserve too.

The ponds in the nature reserve originally formed as water collected in gravel extraction pits, and one just outside the reserve is well stocked with fish, making the northen reserve area in general a favourite spot for local anglers. The northern reserve was used as an army barracks during the second world war, and much evidence of this can still be found in the landscape.

Access involves a 2 mile treck is on foot via West Shore Road and Earnse Bay, and a secluded naturist beach is located on the extreme northern shore of the reserve. Sadly, wheelchair and mobility scooter users will find themselves unable to reach even the beginning of the reserve.
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